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AGR is the world’s premier online consumer trial service. Operating in any global territory and with multi-lingual capabilities AGR can augment research for any product or service in any country and in any language, and furthermore can run parallel multi-territory trials. Servicing international blue-chip companies, AGR’s core services include consumer research for global products, services, design or multi-media.

With regional panels located throughout the world, AGR offers the highest level of in-house expertise, industry-defining methodologies, value, accuracy, on time deliverables and uncompromised service. AGR has conducted research for over 250 companies.

Our Comprehensive Database

We provide a database of manufacturers and retailers that represent the target market from which a client base can be built. Once you have established over 50,000 volunteers in your chosen territory, a client base of some 30 in number should produce an excellent revenue in the first year of operation. With some 100,000 volunteers in place and sixty clients, the revenue should more than double. This is in line with our experience in the UK. Globally we now have over 600,000 volunteers.

Taste Tests and Sensory Analysis

Current industry standards do not always allow for in-home behavior. Combining our existing core programming with new innovative in-home ‘hall-trial’ tests will provide the world with a new method of assessing food and drink. AGR aspires to re-educate the food and drink industry in managing their research and development programme. Guaranteeing enormous time and money efficiencies it is beyond belief that manufacturers will wish to continue with their existing methods of research.

Product Information Pack Data

Whilst AGR does not currently engage in clinical trials, the consumer trial offer is almost an essential for any products being promoted via an efficacy claim. Regardless of whether scientific equipment can measure cosmetic changes in the skin’s appearance, it is even more important that consumers can detect positive change. Therefore, perceptions should be included in a well-rounded portfolio of evidence.

The fastest and most reliable method of gathering this data is via Ayton System Software. Lengthy and costly judgments against an advertising claim can cripple a company before it even begins to make profit and leaves a nasty smear on the brand in question. We can provide an efficient and professional statistical analysis service.

Project Management

AGR offers economies of scale that bring professional and objective research within the reach of start-up companies, private innovators and entrepreneurs.

Recommending a minimum sample of 120 to provide 100 responses, AGR’s service becomes not only affordable but a vital precautionary measure to combat early mistakes. Providing objectivity in a small company where in-house trials are not an option, AGR’s results will reassure any management team that the basis of important decisions are indeed independent.

Great Earnings Opportunity

There is no ceiling on the earnings to be enjoyed. With the provision of good client liaison, repeat and referral business can be built up. As an internet based business, it is highly efficient. We supply the ACORN web-based system, together with total operational systems, to enable the Franchisee to operate in a highly effective and efficient manner.

The management services fee, payable to AGR as Franchisor, is 15%. This leaves a very healthy gross margin. It can readily be a home-based operation run by a two person partnership with no employees, or a single owner employing one person in an administrative capacity. Costs therefore can be kept very low. The major operating costs are the postage and packing of samples, together with a server hosting fee. The operating profit margin is therefore very attractive indeed.

Are you ambitious?

We are looking to appoint Franchisees who have good business acumen, are ambitious and committed to implementing our proven business system and enjoy the rewards of success that should result. With respect to actual profitability figures, these can be provided when a confidentiality agreement has been signed and we have had an exploratory meeting to discuss the franchise opportunity.