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Our Unique Software

The unique Ayton System software blends the specialist knowledge required to recruit and manage an international database with high standards of service using an homogenous protocol. This gives our international clientele the time savings and cost efficiencies that are sought in the fast-changing and highly competitive global arena.

The system comprises of three interlinked websites

The diagram to the above illustrates how the three websites make up the ASS  system (Ayton System Software). The system has been devised and developed for the purpose of providing commercial clients with the facility to carry out research into consumer responses to their innovations, products and services.

These three sites are separate, they are connected by dynamic links which ensure that changes in one are reflected in the others. The Volunteer Zone and Client Zone are controlled from the Admin Zone to which only the Franchisee and their staff have access.

The entire system operates in real time and consequently is very flexible and responsive to change. All three sites are dynamically linked so that any new or updated information is immediately available to the other sites which have access to it.

Long-Term System Development

The prevailing feature of Ayton System Software is its adaptability. The system has core rules that provide the industry standard. Additional software can be easily bolted onto this framework where there is a sizeable contract requiring a specific protocol.

For example, a large UK high street store wished to have adverse reactions followed up with specific but non-standard questions. Ayton System Software responded to this request by adapting its software to fully automate this process, thus allowing the client to obtain this data online and in real-time in conjunction with their results. By linking this change to a unique client code the client is able to enjoy a competitive advantage. These changes significantly improved the lead-time not just for one trial but for all subsequent trials.

Another client wished to profile Ayton Global Research volunteers in a completely different way to the usual method to allow business-to-business trials. All of the client’s existing customer records can easily be moved to the AGR database enabling them to fully corroborate participants’ details whilst having complete control over the choice of profile questions.

This powerful mechanism provides the perfect synergy between Ayton System Software and existing company databases.